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The I & J Wedding took place in Campo Maior, Alentejo.
The ambience was incredible in itself but the aim here was to create even more dimension and texture with a combination of terracotta colors and textures.

The result was a very cozy, boho and elegant environment!
ITwork : 
Flower Deisgn dining area, church and accessories. (Bouquet, lapels, crowns)
Photographer: João Barnabas

Inês & João-724.jpg
Inês & João-735 (1).jpg
Inês & João-215.jpg
Captura de ecrã 2023-01-10, às 17.12.25.png
Inês & João-319.jpg
Inês & João-730 (1).jpg
Inês & João-722.jpg
Inês & João-787.jpg
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