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About Us

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2for1 Design

2 for1 design was founded in 2012 as a blog that brought together design and lifestyle - two themes in one space.

With the beginning of the blog, author Maria Matos started working in two national publications, Revista Urbana and Casas de Portugal magazine. 

In both, responsible for almost 85% of creative content.

With the growth of his personal work in the area of photographic production and interior journalism, a greater passion was born, which arose from the need to beautify the sessions: the flowers!

For almost 2 years, Maria took passion every day a little more seriously, when finally in 2016 she decided to risk it all. In his head he defined atime line: if in 6 months I managed to give 2for1 wings as a serious interior and flower design brand, then this was the right path!

Since then the brand has never stopped growing.

Today they have works with the biggest national and international brands. With hundreds of corporate and private events in its portfolio, but always with the same motto: Flowers for everything and everyone!

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