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  • What is the difference between Dried and Preserved flowers?
    The drying and dehydration process is what makes both flowers different! Drying is a process where the flower is air-dried, depending on the environment that surrounds it, with more or less air circulation or more or less sun exposure. In this continuous process, the plant never ceases to be drying, so even after the process is finished, the plant will continue to degrade, losing its composition, color, shape. In dehydration, the flower is also dried but in a process with a beginning, middle and end, almost freezing the flower in time. Due to strict control and the use of chemicals and other elements such as glycerin, the flower's ''aging'' process is interrupted, hence lasting for years.
  • Do you ship flowers across the country?
    At this moment we ship dried and preserved flowers all over the world. We do not, however, ship fresh flowers outside the Greater Lisbon area.
  • What are Preserved Flowers?
    Preserved flowers are natural flowers that undergo a dehydration process that extracts all moisture.After extracting moisture, some of the flowers are further treated with bleach, glycerin or dyes.These processes make the flowers more durable and resistant, maintaining their natural appearance and even a less aggressive touch than traditional dried ones. The duration of these flowers is from 5 to 10 years, and the durability can be compromised with excessive sun exposure, which burns the flowers or too high humidity levels that could compromise dehydration.
  • Do you do custom orders?
    Yes! Customers can request quotes for custom products to:
  • Do Weddings?
    Yes, we do from the bouquet and other accessories to the total decoration of the tables, cocktail church or ceremony.You can request a quote to 2for1design@gmail.comFor this you should always send:- Date, place and time;- An estimate of n people;- Whether it will be a ceremony or mass;- And what elements you need.
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